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Peaceful Demonstration against EDL Fascism 5 Sep


5th September, 2011

On the 3rd of September, people came together and unified in peaceful opposition to a demonstration by the extreme right wing English Defense League (EDL). We are proud of the Tower Hamlets community who rose above childish taunts and provocation, and displayed conduct that is a true reflection of the unity, diversity and maturity of this borough.

Whilst there were incidents following the peaceful counter-demonstration against fascism due to a bus load of EDL supporters attempting to drive through Whitechapel, the Council of Mosques will work closely with the Met Police, the Local Authority and local community leaders to further investigate what transpired and ensure that necessary action is taken.

The volunteer stewards from various community organisations and Police are to be congratulated for the general manner in which they worked together to keep the residents of Tower Hamlets safe from those who sought to divide us.

The diverse turnout, consisting of people of all faiths and no faith, in opposition to the EDL's machinations clearly shows that our community is as strong as it has ever been.