small c project

Council of Mosques has been working with Primary Care Trust (PCTs) "small c" project. Lung-Cancer-Prevention

The purpose of the "small c" project for Tower Hamlets Council of Mosques to undertake a project entitled:

"Increasing public awareness of cancer in Tower Hamlets through community engangement"



The project aims to increase public awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer, to reduce negative attitudes to cancer and to encourage early presentation to a GP amongst identified target populations in Tower Hamlets.

We have distributed infomration materials about lung cancer symptoms through 30 Tower Hamlets Mosques following Fridays prayers.
Training was provided to 25-30 local Imams and community leaders in lung cancer awareness, so that they act as champions within their communities.

8 focus groups were held in 8 mosques reaching 64 - 80 men in the target group in relation to cancer awareness, symptoms of lung cancer and the importance of seeing a doctor promptly if symptoms are suspected.