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Muslim Community reject 'vigilante patrols'

Videos showing verbal abuse, harassment and insults hurled at members of the public in Tower Hamlets surfaced online last week. TheiChat Video Council of Mosque (CoM) condemn this kind of behaviour towards any members of the public. We hope this is an isolated incident; the hatred from these individuals has no place in our community. 


We have worked with our partners from the local authority, relevant law enforcement agencies and community organisations to address the issues and tensions raised by this type of behaviour. This is a testament to the positive working relationships that have been built over many years, here in Tower Hamlets.

The CoM is aware that some individuals linked to these videos have been arrested and the investigation is pending further enquiries.

Chairman of CoM, Hafiz Moulana Shamsul Hoque, speaking on behalf of CoM and the community said: “We commend the Police for their swift response in identifying the perpetrators and making the arrests.”

CoM Secretary General, Hira Islam mentions: “The communities of Tower Hamlets are resilient and will not be undermined by the action of a minority. We stand united with the community in rooting out harassment, xenophobia, intimidation.”

 CoM urges other Mosques and Imams in the borough to ensure that this Friday, the Khutbah (sermon) should focus informing members of the community of these developments and that it is completely unacceptable for any individual to act like this towards another. These actions certainly go against Islamic principles and values.                                                                                       

There may be others in the community who have been affected by these individuals and we request you to come forward to speak to the Police.



The Council of Mosques (CoM) was established to bridge communication gaps between mosques within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and statutory providers. It has since operated as an independent umbrella organisation representing a diverse membership of local mosques, cultural and Islamic centres with 49 members at present.


Friday sermon by Shaykh Shams Ad-Duha at Ebrahim College.