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Meeting on Safety Tips & Awareness

Community Safety Meeting discussion on the recent incident in Woolwich warning sign

Date: 1st June 2013
Venue: London Muslim Centre, 4th Floor Seminar Room, London E1 1JX

Special Guests: Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman and Mark Long from the Met Police
Programmed chaired by Mowlana Shamsul Hoque – Chair of Council of Mosques
Conducted by Hira Islam – Secretary General of Council of Mosques 

During the horrific incident on 22nd May 2013, it was adement that Council of Mosques, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Metropilitan Police and Inter Failth Forum hold a meeting to discuss this matter further to find solutions to keep the community tension low.

Safety tips & advice to all mosques and centres:

  • Report all incidents to police and not confront anyone yourselves
  • If possible install CCTV
  • Keep the grounds in and around the mosque clean and free from clutter
  • Perform regular checks of all areas to identify any unwanted objects such as bombs, weapons etc
  • Do regular health and safety check .e.g. fire exits
  • Employ/Volunteers for 24hr security of premises
  • Engage and advise the youth against extreme views, use the khutbah to convey this message
  • We have to be aware that any ‘bold’ action by Muslims in TH may lead to attacks on areas where there is a small group of Muslims

Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman informed the mosque leaders, imams and members that he condemned both perpetrators and fascists; extremism of both sides is unacceptable. The Mayor called an interfaith Forum meeting and released statement immediately advocating tolerance and cohesion.

CoM and mosques play a big role in promoting and supporting community cohesion in the wider society and this needs due recognition. Tower Hamlets has no place for hate crime.The community had received assurance from the police that they are here to protect the community and there will be no EDL marches thought Tower Hamlets or action that may provoke us?

Some of the ways this will be enforced is by;

  • Significant increase in police presence on the streets.
  • Mayor made sure non emergency leave of all community workers were cancelled


Other suggestions made by members of CoM:

  • Public should use 101 for non emergency reports and 999 calls for anything else
  • Police should seek out smaller and remote mosques to patrol
  • Police should provide officers for late night prayers and ramadan
  • CoM should produce a guidance leaflet on dealing with extremism, extremists, clarifications of issues, peaceful message of Islam, dealing with media, points of safety and security
  • Keep and report all hate mail