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Press Release | 05 Feb

We stand United against far right extremist groupspress-release

The Council of Mosque (CoM) is shocked to hear that far right extremist groups outside Tower Hamlets borough are coming in and creating havoc, disrupting the peace, provoking and intimidating the public.

The "Christian Patrols" have nothing to do with Christianity and neither did the "Muslim Patrols" have anything to do with Muslims.

We are working with our partners from the local authority, relevant law enforcement agencies and community organisations to address the issues raised by this type of behaviour. This is a testament to the positive working relationships that have been built over many years, here in Tower Hamlets.

The Secretary General of COM states,  "Actions of these  minority extremist groups will never succeed in dividing our communities, rather it will unite us in our common goal to work and live together in peace and harmony"

CoM urges the community in Tower Hamlets to remain calm, be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the Metropolitan Police.


  • The Council of Mosques (CoM) was established to bridge communication gaps between mosques within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and statutory providers. It has since operated as an independent umbrella organisation representing a diverse membership of local mosques, cultural and Islamic centres with 55 members at present.