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(Sahih Muslim)

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Press Release | 23rd May


The Council of Mosques speaks out against the horrific event that took place in Woolwich, south-East London yesterday (22 May). Eyewitness reports claim the murderers spoke Islamic slogans and are said to be Muslims. There is no place in Islam for such barbaric and mindless violence.

New Members

Six new mosques and centres have joined membership for Council of Mosques in 2013.
Our support and service can now reach to a larger audience and location within the borough.

The new members are as follows;

  • Globe Town Mosque & Cultural Centre.
  • Dorset Community Centre & Mosque.
  • Al Huda Academy & Islamic Trust.
  • Samuda Estate Bengali Association.
  • St Johns Bengali Welfare Organisation & Prayer Centre (st john prayer centre).
  • Locksley Estate Cultural Association & Mosque.

 More information can be obtained in the members page.

Faith Building Support Scheme Meeting

Council of Mosques - Tower Hamlets held a meeting to provide a update on the Mayors Community Faith Building Support Scheme.meeting graphic

More than 80 Committee Members, Trustees and Representatives from across Tower Hamlets’ Council of Mosques 46 Affiliates gathered at the London Muslim Centre on Monday 18th March 2013. 

Muslim Community reject 'vigilante patrols'

Videos showing verbal abuse, harassment and insults hurled at members of the public in Tower Hamlets surfaced online last week. TheiChat Video Council of Mosque (CoM) condemn this kind of behaviour towards any members of the public. We hope this is an isolated incident; the hatred from these individuals has no place in our community.