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(Sahih Muslim)

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What We Do

Council of Mosques has been providing a valuable service to the Mosques and the community for more than 16 years and contributed towards community engagement, empowerment of mosques, and wider community cohesion.

Hundreds of teachers, mosque staff and committee members have benefited through the capacity building projects ranging from training such as Child Protection, Health and Safety, First Aid, Charity commission requirement, Prevent and Extremism, also from Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Following are some of the training provided by Council of Mosques.


  •  Child Protection Training
  • Training on Charity Commission Requirements Training
  • Mosque Safety & Security Training
  • Health & Safety Policy Development
  • Equalities & Diversity Policy Development Training
  • Finance Policy Development Training
  • Effective Management Training
  • Equality & Diversity Training
  • Finance Management Training
  • Good Governance Training
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Fundraising & Bidding Training


Council of Mosques has worked with number of partner organisations to address some of the key issues that are effective our community.


Following are some of the seminars that were organised with partner organisations in order to raise awareness of Community issues with wide range of community members.



·         Tension Monitoring Seminar

·         Seminar on developing youth culture in Tower Hamlets

·         Seminar on Grooming Young People: How We Can Protect Our Children

·         Seminar on Current Government and Charity Commission Law Regarding   Radicalisation and Extremism

·         Seminar on 'Emotional Abuse & Neglect'

·         Troubled Young Men

·         Seminar on ‘Children See, Children Do’

·         Seminar on ‘What Makes Good Families’

·         Seminar on Fatherhood

·         Seminar on Accepting and Understanding your Child’s Ability


Many Mosques and the evening & weekend supplementary classes (also referred to as ‘madrasah’s’) were supported by developing wide range of policies and procedures to help improve the governance and to provide quality education in a safe environment.


Following are some the policies being developed and regularly reviewed for Council of Mosques members.


Developing Policies and Procedures


·         Conflict of Interest Policy

·         Equality & Diversity Policy

·         Finance Policy

·         Health & Safety Policy

·         Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy

·         Volunteer Policy

·         Curriculum

·         Child Protection Policy

·         Admission Policy

·         Attendance-and-Punctuality-Policy

·         Anti-Bullying Policy

·         Behaviour Policy

·         Complaints Policy and Procedures

·         First Aid Policy

·         Data Protection policy

·         Fire Safety Policy

·         Whistleblowing-Policy